Ridgeline 3.1 to Netsight migration

Anyone out there used the migration tool in Netsight to import your Ridgeline database? The documentation in Netsight refers to the location you might find the database file but doesn't say which exact file to import. It also doesn't say which versions of Ridgeline are supported. I was never able to get my Ridgeline 3.1 to get imported into Ridgeline 4.0 so I'm giving up and trying to go straight to Netsight.

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Reid, the Ridgeline to NetSight Server Migration process will import devices and credentials. The new import feature is accessed from Console File > Device List > Import Devices from Ridgeline DB Backup. It is recommended to use Ridgeline 4.0 SP2 when backing up the database and importing into NetSight. It would be recommended to upgrade Ridgeline incrementally if deciding to use this process.

The database structure for Ridgeline 3.1 is different that 4.0. A single SQL file is required for the import.

We can always assist with the Ridgeline upgrade.