RTLS (Real-time Location System) on ExtremeNetworks Wireless Controller


I have a Project that's need to use RTLS (Real-time Location System) to identify and track the location of assets, I understand RTLS had in WM3600, WM3700 but It's EoS now. And I'm not sure with C5210 can do RTLS? or it has function same like RTLS? or NetSight can do?

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Hi. There are two options AFAIK: Use Ekahau or Aeroscout with combination of our wireless. Use NMS-advanced. NMS-adv can visualize some client location (one client at time). Controller can export the location information to external systems. Maps needs to be created by NMS-advanced. Best regards Zdenek
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And NMS can support RFID or not ?

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