script on C5

Hi all.
Is it possible on a C5 to write a script (or is available a feature on it) that gets down an Eth interface if it feels another Eth interface has gone down and viceversa?

I want port 1 to go down if port 19 has gone down.
I want port 1 to go up if port 19 hos gone up.

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any suggestion??
Well. If you own the Netsight software you could create a custom alarm for the "port 19 down" snmp trap. This alarm could be configured to execute a script whenever the specified trap is received by Netsight. For script based switch configuration Enterasys had a little tool suite called "ATG Tools". That would allow to create a simple script to disable port 1. However I am currently unable to find a download source for said ATG Tools. I suppose they are discontinued!?
I think ATG tools is no longer available and I didn't buy Netsight this time so I think I can't write any script on my C5...
A lot more scripting work but you could use...

To trap "port 19 down" and call a shell script that telnet/ssh-ed to the switch to change port 1.