search Endsystems in EMC Netsight Oneview 8

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is it possible to search for Endsystems via Oneview Search in EMC without NAC/Netlogin/Radius?
I thought this should work in enviroments where nodealias ( EOS & XOS 22.2) is available. But it seems not to work...
I'd like to come to the view, where switch with connected endsystem is visible.
Is there a way to do this without NAC?

2nd: Is there a way to set default in search to compass to not need to click "advanced"?

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Hi Peter,

It is possible by configuring IDM in EXOS and send the Data to EMC via XML, Here is an article with more details and configuration sample.

For the second question, i believe the default design is like that and i am not sure if that can be changed unless some one else already did...I will let others to comment on that one.