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SNMP contact lost to EXOS switch on fresh new EMC 8.04

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I have a fresh new EMC installation.

I have added new X460-G2 device using ZTP+ and everything was fine.
However, after 5-6 minutes I have an "Contact lost" alarm.
Device is fully IP-reachable: ping gives the response, "open device terminal" from EMC is working, I can also poll device with MIB Tools using default SNMPv3 creds.
Both SNMP processes have "ready" status on the switch.
EXOS is patch1-4

When I rebooted the EMC, then I have "Contact established" back.
But after few minutes EMC lost the contact with the switch again.

Looks like it is EMC issue.
Any ideas ?

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Robert, when you staged the switch did you change the poll type from ZTP to snmp? I'm not sure of people that use pool type ZTP right now.
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I was only able to change the poll type AFTER ZTP+ stage, i.e when switch moved from "Discovered" to "Devices" tab. When editing device during ZTP+ pending edit stage, changing poll type made the "Save" button changed to "Enforce Preview", which made me confused (?).
Anyway, snmp polling seems to be stable now.

Thank you, Stephen!