SNMP OID to get the Switch Model

  • 15 November 2017
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Hi all,

I am trying to query a switch via snmp to get its model, by model i mean to know if a switch is
a X450G2-48p-10G4 or X450G2-48p-G4 or whatever the model is. So far i have tried sysDesc OID but it doesn't return the what I am looking for:

Does Anyone know of any OID that return the model type?

2 replies

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The normal method would be getting the SysObjectId.
For example this returns enterprises.extremenetworks.2.76

Then in the private mib check the model for this objectid. (. = extremeProduct.summitX450a-48t
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Hi Oscar,

Thanks for the reply, i also found that i can query the below OIDs and get the slot type.