SNMPv3 - netsight connection lost ?

HI all,

My client is sitting with a strange issue. Here is a brief history and the current error:

We migrated their netsight to a clustered hyper-v environment,
They have been working fine without any issues
They then enabled the wireless controller feature that lists the APs as interfaces from oneview - this failed, and since then the wireless controller's status in netsight is listed as not connected - no connectivity, SNMP failed.

I double checked the settings and everything looks good. I even changed to SNMPv2 and it worked immediately, but changing back to SNMPv3 - it fails ?

They have 5 stacks with the exact same config (SNMPv3) - as I was sitting on-site and checking the settings, the one stack's SNMPv3 failed. Same output as with the wireless controller.

What is baffling is that it uses the exact same config as the other stacks and they are perfect - no problems.

Has anyone seen this before or is there something I am missing ?



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I have seen this behavior on some old versions. We did: - Upgrade the controller - Delete the controller from netsight including statistics and added it back. I have not seen it with new netsight.
Thanks Pala,

We did a big upgrade process prior to migrating from VMWare to Hyper-V - could it be that the database could have some remnants that would cause this ?

I will try to do that also - removing the controller completely and re-adding it.

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Also, you may want to check with a trace from the netsight server, if the SNMPengine ID are the same on multiple devices. This may explain that as well.