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SNMPv3 Trap Receiver registration in XMC v8

  • 5 September 2019
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I am currently migrating from Netsight 7 to XMCv8.
I have entered the new XMCv8 SNMPv3 information in to my edge switches (X460-G2s) and the switches are discoverable by the new XMCv8.
In testing I used "add Trap Receiver" check box under the actions tab. When doing this the trap status remains at "Trap Receiver configuring"
I then discovered another switch with the "add Trap Receiver" box unchecked and entered the SNMPv3 trap configuration directly in to the switch. In this instance the trap status shows "Trap Receiver Unconfigured".
When I use the menu to register the trap receiver the status changes to "Trap Receiver Configured" however to achieve this XMC is writing new trap receiver information to the switch. This configuration shows the type to be "inform" and not "trap"

Is there a way to register the trap receiver using the SNMPv3 trap information that I have entered manually?

Is the SNMP notification receiver type "inform" that is written by XMC the proper configuration and it will send all traps generated by the switch to XMC or just information notifications?

If the second question is correct is there a way to register the trap receiver for all switches without having to go through each and register them?

Thank you for your help,


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