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Software upgrade via Netsight to XOS switches using VR-Mgmt

  • 27 July 2015
  • 2 replies

I am testing out Netsight to manage our XOS switches, and I can't seem to get the code upgrade to work. I can manually issue the "upload" commands from the XOS switches CLI to get the code from the Netsight server's TFTP service, and that software upgrade process works fine, but using the Netsight GUI to control this process doesn't work.

I wonder if the fact that the XOS devices connect to the Netsight server on their out of band management on the VR-Mgmt has something to do with this , as the Netsight software upgrade interface doesn't allow me to specify the VR used by the end switches, where as the manual CLI option on XOS does.

2 replies

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Within Inventory Manager to can specify how to download the images. Select the Firmware Mgmt tab, then find the Summit Series under Device Type. Find your Summit, select and then select the General Tab. The General information about the Switch will be displayed, Module Type, Binary Family, Default File Transfer Method, Firmware Down MIB, Configuration MIB (both of these will be set to script). In the Device Family Definition File Name: ExtremeXOS - TFTP would be shown, if you select View is does indeed use the VR-Default Interface. So here you can change to use VR-MGMT. In the Drop Down menu select ExtremeXOS - TFTP (VR-MGMT).
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Thank you for the answer.
However, I was looking for a per-device modification.
I found it within Inventory Manager. Selecting the Network Element tab, then selecting the device I want to modify and going in the Image Information tab. There, Device Family Definition File Name is not modifiable until you choose "script" in the drop down menu for Firware Download MIB and/or Configuration MIB. These two parameters have the value "Controlled by Device Type" and in this case it uses automaticaly the value defined in the menu pointed by Suzanne Barnett.

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