Sponsored Guest users not getting approved

I use V211o Wlan controller and NAC with Captive Portal. When users connect to the Guest SSID they get redirected and can register. Sponsor receives the e-mail and clock Approve, but the user is not getting approved.
If I check the Access Control End System Group "Registration Pending Access" Iand see the MAC address is still there.

Du to this my guest users are not getting access to the Guest net.

I am using XMC ver. 8.0.5 and V211 ver. 10.41.05

Have anybody seen this before?

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I suggest opening up a ticket with GTAC to investigate.

We managed to solve the problem and it was our own fault.

The problem was that the sponsor mail address and the user we logged in with as the sponsor was using different mail addresses. That caused the system not to approve the guest.
When logging in with the correct user name we managed to Approve the guest client as expected.