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We still have a few straggling non XOS devices in our network. I'd like to use NetSight to back them up. Inventory Manager throws and error "Cannot perform action with MIB type = UNKNOWN." so I tried changing the firmware and configuration in MIB and Script overrides to "Script" but there's nothing for the old Summit code in there. Do I need to exclude these devices in NetSight?

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The configuration backup in Netsight (through version 6.2.x) requires that you do all backup/restore operations through Inventory Manager applet. Currently XOS/Extremeware switches do not support MIB based configuration bakups/restores. The Inventory manager applet does not use the MIB it uses telnet to do the backups. Be aware that the backups it creates are really ZIP files even thought they are saved with CFG extensions. Go the other Applet and you should be good to go.

Bill, Thanks for the quick reply. I am in the Inventory Manager applet where I'm getting this error on the Summit400 I'm working with. I just created a schedule and then when I went back to check on it, all the XOS switches were fine but this one was not and it threw the MIB error.
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Are you on the latest Netsight/Extremeware? It should work in and the latest 7.8 or EWare...