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Syslog setup for X440 switches on Netsight.

I an trying to setup the syslog option in NetSight( Whenever I right click the device and select the Syslog Receiver configuration, it says, the selected device is not supported. I have enabled the syslog optin in the switch. Please help

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Netsight only makes it easier to configure the syslog settings on supported devicese.
As you've mentioned the X440 isn't supported.

But if you configure it on the device via CLI you should be set and receive the syslog messages.
I've followed the steps in the below article and now I get the messages from my X430 in the Netsight Syslog tab.

So give it a try....

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Ronald, thanks for the update. I did try these options and I can see the exact outcome on the sh commands. But no logs are appearing in the Syslog server. I am using a KIwi free version for the time being. Anything else to check?
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Hi Joseph,
If you have not done so already, you may want to confirm IP connectivity between the x440 and the syslog server. Also, obtain a packet capture on the switch's egress port going towards the syslog server to see if the switch is actually sending the syslog information to the server when it is supposed to.