The World: Site map in Management Center 7 fails to get a map from MapQuest

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The map window selected in Management Center > Network > Devices > World: Site apparently tries to use MapQuest to display a map. However, MapQuest, on ll July, decided this wasn't going to be free any longer. This is what is in the map window:

Is there a place to change this behavior?

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With the map open select File > Properties and change map type from Geographic to Topology Background and load a new background picture in the Map Image section.

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That did the trick Ronald, thanks.

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Yes. This is a direct map link feature is no longer supported by MapQuest. In the short run, this will be removed as a feature in the next release.
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What about linking to another map service such as or google maps? I think this is very useful for presenting our CAN topology to larger audiences.
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For what it's worth, GNOME Maps used to use MapQuest as well, they changed to Mapbox as tile provider.