timed restart not working -> immediately restart (netsight 8.0.4, eos 6.81)

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I used Inventory Manager in old Java Gui quite often, but with the new Webgui I did not do any update so far.
Today i tried and found out that timed restart is in fact a immediately restart!

Can anyone try this in lab environment?

Is this really a bug or only on my setup?


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Hi Anton,

the conclusion from my short test is...

- scheduled for current day
device restart is done immediately

- scheduled for future day
working, "show switch" indicate the correct restart date/time


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thanks Ron, it works like you said!

very strange behaviour
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Anton Sax wrote:

thanks Ron, it works like you said!

very strange behaviour

Hey, the same day or now isn't that much of an difference - I'd unterstand the reason development implemented it that way 🙂
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Should be fixed in as per the release notes....

The Extreme Management Center device restart wizard was restarting devices immediately if the scheduled time was set to PM. 1360674