Top AP information in Extreme Management (Netsight)

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Hi Community

Perhaps someone can shed some light on the following

In Netsight on the Wireless Management Page it lists the TOP AP's for a specific Date.
If we look at the Peak Wireless Bandwidth vs the Peak Wired Bandwidth.
Surely if we push 230Mbs in on the wireless we should see the same on the Ethernet side? (or close to it)

If we look at the second AP it is 229 Mbs on wireless vs 261 Kbs on wired....

This does not look right unless I am reading it wrong.

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Is it possible that the AP's are connected wirelessly and the traffic flows between them without wires?
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Hi Nick

No these AP's are connected to a LAN and all the SSID's use either B@AP or B@HWC, no mesh is configured
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At another client (Completely different site) I see the same type of reports

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Ours looks more normal. We are running Netsight with EWC in a bridged at controller config.

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At both sites we are running 10.31 on the controllers and 7.1 for netsight. That being said i have some ssid's configured as bridge at ap and other to bridge at controller.