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Total number of End system seen with NAC

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We currently have 6 NAC appliances deployed at a client. The NAC authentication is working 100%, load balanced across all the NAC Appliances. When I look in oneview under "Identify and Access" then on the "Systems" tab it displays the total number of end systems seen, and also gives you a breakdown on a "1day, 1 week, 1 month" breakdown. The question I have is the "Total end systems seen - All sources" should be a total of every device that have ever connected to the system correct? Last week the number was on + - 420 000 This week we are on 400 000 Why does the total number seem to vary?? Thx Andre

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there is a "age end-systems older then..." setting. If set lets say to 365 days, all End-Systems not seen last year will be deleted. That aging job runs every day (i guess).