Training for NETSIGHT console

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Are there any free video courses for netsight.

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Trainings are available but not free.
We believe there is huge value in the lab access (part of the training). We also believe the training content needs to be maintained, it does cost resources.

however feel free to share your ideas
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Well I have taken over a networking position. and I'm trying to monitor when devices go down. When turning on snmp for a switch its hit and miss for it to be seen by netsight. Once on I'm flooded by up and down emails from the switch concerning when a device is turned on. Someone recently cut a cable and no one new it was cut except the user. So I'm trying to setup Netsight to monitor the network to catch things like that. I was hoping that there was some general training on how to setup netsight and configure it for monitoring.
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When you attend the official training (self-study or with real trainer) you will understand all the beauty of the product.

Situation you described is one of the most simple features (check events and alarms menu), there are thousands of other use-cases.

Another option is to go through the documentation or ask partner or the community.
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We just started the basic online training for free 😀

Here is the link for you:

Good luck!
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I something planned to release a XMC/Netsight "deep dive" / customization course?