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trap logs alone not appearing inbetween in netsight version 6.1

trap logs alone not appearing inbetween in netsight version 6.1..console logs and syslogs are appearing

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Hi Degalesan,

If i understood correctly traps are sent out by the switch but Netsight does not display them?

What is the switch model?

If this is intermittent then do you think that the packets are getting dropped in the middle?

yes, your understanding is correct .it is for all the switches monitored by that Netsight.SMNP version is V1 in the switches as our IA software support only V1.
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Hi Degalesan,

Please refer following URLs for SNMP trap configuration.


And please don't forget to restart SNMP in NetSight after configured SNMP trap setting.

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I would start looking in to the network for any link specific issue like any CRC errors and congestion in the port where the Netsight server is connected to.

In case if it is sure that the issue is inclined only towards traps then I would recommend to take a TCPDUMP in Netsight while the traps are sent by the switch and that can give a fair idea if traps are received to the server or not.

Once it is confirmed that the trap packet is seen in TCPDUMP and not in the Netsight console trap section, please gather "show support" and open up a GTAC case for further investigation.
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While testing this, if you're using XOS, use the "create snmp trap" command to simulate a trap being sent from the switch.