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Trap messages

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Hi All

How does Xos in a stack determine which vlan to use to send trap information? I just assumed it uses the fastest route.

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You can set the source IP.

From the EXOS command reference guide ...

The following command adds the IP address as a trap receiver with community string blue,and IP address as the source:

# configure snmp add trapreceiver community blue from

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Thanks, all our traps are set via Netsight, and all traps are sent to our server. Just noticed one of our stacks has started to use a different vlan to send trap info, so netsight missed them.
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Glad to hear you got this worked out.

FYI, if you don't set the source IP as Ron mentioned, EXOS will source the packet from the IP interface that is facing the next hop to the trap receiver.

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Can this be set for snmp v3 from within netsight trap configuration screen?