Unable to get Policy to work in EXOS 16.1

Do you tested it ? . When I have added to policy manager summit switch and enable 802.1x/MAC authentication on switch and on port. The NAC doesn't see end system. I must prepare special config on switch ? Note: This conversation was created from a reply on: EXOS 16.1 Releases with New Hardware and Role-based Policy Support!.

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Hi Jarek,

A few items that you will want to make sure are set properly.
  1. Make sure that the device has authentication turned on for both the device and port
  2. If the switch is using VR-Mgmt, that needs to be specified when adding it to NAC
  3. If using MAC Authentication, the command 'configure netlogin add mac-list default' needs to be added so that all MAC authentication requests are sent to NAC.
Let me know if that helps at all.