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Unifi support for XMC

  • 20 August 2019
  • 3 replies

I am setting up an eval of XMC in hopes of convincing the powers that be to let me purchase it. I am having a good experience with most of our network devices except for wireless. We use unifi for wireless and some switching at specific locations. XMC sees the devices, but they show up in a pretty generic sense. We also use the unifi console for management of the AP's and I am not sure that it will let me monitor it in the same way that a cisco, or other wireless controller will. Is there support for unifi products in a more complete capacity?

3 replies

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Unifi AP have pretty basic SNMP. To be honest you'll have more luck using LibreNMS to monitor Unifi APs. The Unifi switches are FASTPATH so quite similar to the 200-series.
We have LibreNMS running, but I am trying to get as much info in one system to cut down on management. I can see the devices in XMC, but I don't get much info and I would like to try and use the unifi console as a wireless controller in XMC.

What is the 200-series you are referring to?
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