Unused Pre-Registration vouchers are deleted after 30 days

Guest vouchers created in captive portal with the option of "Registration expiration starts at first login" enabled are deleted after 30 days if unused.

I have received the following string from our service provider.
boolean=disablePreRegCleanup \= Boolean.getBoolean("DISABLE_PRE_REG_CLEANUP");

This string should be added to

But it doesn't work.
I have now added it to the EngineProperties like -> this

Any other ideas?

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Statement from support

On the NetSight server, edit the NetSight/appdata/ file.
Add the following line and change 30 to the number of days you want to set it to:
MAX_USERS_DAYS_WITH_NO_DEVICE=25 (just an example)

But I want to disable the automatic deletions.

I'm trying to do this at