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Update NAC Appliance via Inventory script

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Try anybody out there updating NAC appliance via the buildin Inventory Manager Scripts ?

What was the experience ? Good - bad ?
I have customers with more than 8 or 10 NAC appliances - doing this with Netsight inventory Manager makes it more convenient ... (if it works properly).

Normaly i install new versions with root user but have CLI access with a different user name "cli-user". Does nac upgrade work with a non root user ?


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Unfurtunately no replies.

Does this nobody try out there ?
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I tried this (but I think with 7.x NMS versions) - file transfer took ages... so i came back to manual upgrading process, transfering upgrade files manually to the devices.
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I just tested from to and it was with no issue. The upload of the BIN file to XMC was very long over the OneView (20+ minutes). The upload of the BIN to XMC through SCP was very quick (3 minutes).