Upgrade Cisco Firmware Using Netsight

I'm looking to modify the existing cisco backup script to include firmware upgrades.
I added the following to the end of the script but it doesn't seem to continue after the firmware is downloaded. It should match on either 3600 seconds or when it sees the words "bytes copied".

Also has anyone had experience using error checking into the scripts? I'd like to do a md5sum check that would compare the md5sum on the firmware file in netsight to assure that the file was copied correctly.

If anyone has already built a script that upgrades cisco firmware that works please share. I already checked the Git Hub page and there is only a backup script.

Any help would be appreciated.

-----BEGIN SCRIPT "Firmware Download"-----



copy tftp: flash:




@receiveuntil 3600 "bytes copied"

conf t

boot system %TARGET_FILE_NAME%


write mem


@key %0d

-----END SCRIPT-----

-----BEGIN SUCCESS "Firmware Download"-----

bytes copied

-----END SUCCESS-----

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