Upgrading X460 from version to version using Netsight version

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We have found that downloading XOS to a x460 from netsight ( or its latest naming convention ) we loose remote management and SNMP traffic , to that switch, that basically causes our management systems ( PRTG and Netsight ) to start generating alarms.

The update is successful once access is returned by confirming in the log etc.

We have manually upgraded some X480 units ( console/telnet connected and a TFTP server ) and we do not see the same scenario ie. No alarm generated. Logs look OK .

So the question is:
Is netsight working as expected .. does netsight , uses different commands or process that have an effect on the CPU.

Basically is this expected behaviour or not.

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Did you restart the X480 so the new software is active or could the switch do that without a reboot?
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As you'd see per default "Restart Devices After Upgrade" is set.
That restart/reboot would explain the alarms that you get.

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The basic scenario , is that we were uploading code to the switch for a later timed reboot.

What we found when using Netsight for this upload we lost communication while the upload was preformed ( I have assumed high CPU while downloading image ) stopped the switches response to PRTG and Netsight.

While performing the same action , this time not using Netsight as the tftp server, we experienced no alarms from our management tools.

I hope that clears up the scenarios we were encountering.
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The units were rebooted this morning and successfully upgraded