Use Analytics / Purview with Summit X620 and/or X440-G2 Switches?

Is it possible to use Purview / Analytics with Summit X440-G2 switches as edge-layer switches and/or a Summit X620 top-of-rack switch?

I purchased these switches with an NMS-ADV license because I wanted to use Analytics to understand and monitor user traffic, but I am now beginning to think that I was not sold the appropriate equipment and/or licenses in order to accomplish what I described to the vendor.

If this is possible, any documentation or other resources describing how to perform the configuration would be very much appreciated. (I have the Purview Deployment Guide, but it seems to implicate that only S- or K- switches can be used.)

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Sorry, but no, the 440s and 620s do not have the ability to do this. You would need the PV-FC-180 (1U 4-port S Series) collector and mirror a port to it. It is possible with a switch where IPFIX is available such as a 460-G2.

Here is the article on using a 460-G2:
Thank you for the information. That is disappointing.