User connection Service is unavailable (Client connection to Netsight server)

Hello, i've got an issue conserning a client connection to our Netsight server (User connection service is unavailable). Does anybody know how to solve this issue? I've restartet the Server VM and restartet all netsight services with no success.

Thanks for replies 🙂

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Update: Just uninstalled and reinstalled Java without success.

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Hi Tyrone,

could you tell us...
- the Netsight version
- is that only from one client or have you tried it also on a different PC

You could also check out the following KB articles with some similar issue...

Hi Ron,

thanks for your reply 🙂.

The Netsight Version is
I also tried to connect from a other client with success, but with my client with no success.

I'll also check the links you posted....
Update: Problem solved.

Hi Ron,

i just checked the two links you posted. The first link i already found and did not work. The second link solved the problem. I had to set the proxy setting in Java to "direkt connection".

Thanks again for your help! 🙂