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User not showing up in OneView client list

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Does anyone know what the refresh interval is for the OneView Wireless Client List. When searching for clients, I can't seem to find them in OneView -> Wireless -> Clients. But, if I log in to the controller, I can see the user has been connected for over 45 minutes. I understand that there is probably going to be a little bit of lag, but I would think that I shouldn't be that long. I've tried searching for the client by username, MAC and IP and still doesn't find the them. We are running NetSight Suite I don't remember having this issue on NetSight 6.3

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Are any clients from that controller visible in Oneview?
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Yes, there were thousands of clients on OneView. This morning we noticed some "heap memory low" warnings. We doubled the heap memory and after a restart it all started working. Not sure if the heap memory was the problem or if the restart cleared it up.