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using download url on EXOS in conjuntion with Netsight

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on several huge customer projects (with overseas branches) i use nowadays "download url" instead of "download image" to speed up firmware download to EXOS.

This works very well but currently i always have to use local http server engines like HFS (or others) on my windows client to provide the files via http.

Is it possible to use this with customers central Netsight V7.x server ?

For me one reason is that i do not need the additional HFS.exe on my client and if i want to do the download scheduled, it would be nice to do this via central Netsight server.

I fear that would currently not provided out-of-the-box but is there a possibility to do that anyway?

Any advices are very welcome.


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Hi Matthias,

have you tried using scp2? See How to upgrade EXOS using SCP. The GNU/Linux based ExtremeManagement appliances provide SSH out-of-the-box and should be usable with the EXOS scp2 command. In the past, I have used SCP downloads from older NetSight appliances to EOS devices.

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Hi Eric,

thanks for that advice that addresses me needs!