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Using FlexView to aggregate Client information , how to select OIDs?

Dear All

I try to using FlexView to aggregate client's information (IP, MAC, and which port he come from) on swirch

In switch like 430 , 440 it seem no problem, and OIDs I us like:

but the same FlexView I using to show BD8806 's client information , the port will show 6XX 5XX:

Does it need to using different OIDs to show real port on BD ? or it 's using same OIDs , but 645 means slots 6's port 45, it has slot 's mark before real port number?

the second question is I also export this result to html and csv file .

for html it lost mac address 's information

for csv file it lost ReqID

Does it need to change any options 's setting for showing full information when I export?

My Netsight 's version was

Thank for everyone's help.

2015/10/5 10:15 AM

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Hi Hunt,

What all are the exos versions for X430, 440 and BD ?

Dear suresh

switch 's version 15.3
BD 's version 12.4

Did you mean it different OIDs between two version so I get wrong show ?

2015/10/05 12:07 PM
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Question 2: - Export issues with FlexViews there were several bugs corrected in 6.3 related to Export showing consistently the same columns between CSV/HTML. Are you able to upgrade?