Using NetSight to monitor UPS traps

I would like to use NetSight to monitor the traps from our UPS's. I currently have a few that I have added in and have set them up in a group. The issue I have is setting up alarms for them. I can setup an alarm that will activate when any traps from their IP is received, but I cannot figure out how to setup alarms based on the specific trap received. Because of this I have to manually go in and clear the alarms no matter the type of trap received.

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A couple of ways this is possible:
1.) Use Criteria Matching

2.) Import the mib and trigger on a particular trap.

As for Clearing:
In other options, any alarm can have an auto-clear alarm by using cleared by. Create an alarm that is set to clear severity on a clear trap or message from the UPS.

Thank you, this is just the information I needed.
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Best of luck