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Does anyone know what the Valid packet (%) is based on when looking into the Top 100 Interfaces by bandwidth in Netsight? I can't seem to correlate that number to anything on the switch.

I found this in the Manual:
If you choose the Errors mode, the interface boxes will display the percentage of
the total number of valid packets processed by each port during the last polling
interval that were error packets. This percentage reflects the number of errors
generated during the last polling interval by devices connected to that port
compared to the total number of valid packets processed by the port.

But I don't see any errors on the switch port (ingress or egress), or the downstream switch, but the report shows 95% "Valid Packets (%)".

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If you question is about OneView interface Historical Collection

Then percent is based on 'delta' interface packet counts from the MIB-II interface table

% Error Packets = (error packets / (error packets + valid packets)) * 100
% Valid Packets = (valid packets / (error packets + valid packets)) * 100

For details look at OneView - Administration - Historical Statistic Collector
Set Level: (to Advanced or Diagnostic) not Basic

select--> Statistics

Interface % Error Packets. Source: ifInDiscards + ifOutDiscards + ifInErrors + ifOutErrors + ifInUnknownProtos
Interface % Utilization. Source (SNMPv1): ifInOctets and ifOutOctetsSource (SNMPv2c/v2): ifInHCOctets and ifHCOutOctets
Interface % Valid Packets. Source (SNMPv1): ifInUcastPkts + ifInNUcastPkts + ifOutUcastPkts + ifOutNUcastPkts Source (SNMPv2c/v3): ifHCInUcastPkts + ifHCOutNUca
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So - the only way to see this is though SNMP, not from the CLI? I don't have any CRC errors or any others that I can see. Is there a way to figure out what the errors are? Wireshark or similar?