View Multicast Flow on Netsight usinf Sflow/NetFlow or IPFIX with XOS Switch

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We have a customer with ton of multicast flow in their networks,
we need to bring visibility of this flow and bandwidth for each of these flow, so I'm looking something to done this task.
The customer have an extreme networks with XOS and some moxa as industrial environment, and netsight already installed.

The result wuold be something similar this post.

How I can configure it on netsight?
Have some one made something similar or have an idea to apply this?
Is mandatory purview or I can set up sflow or netflow or ipfix collector directly on netsight?

Thanks Roberto

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The NetSight Server is a netflow collector, as long as the switches are netflow capable you can send netflow records to NetSight and view the information in OneView.

NetSight is not an sflow or ipfix collector though.