Vlan philosophy with NetSight - Oneview - Policy - Summit

  • 4 December 2015
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I am planning for a new switch refresh for our High School. In my network I have about 75 vlans. My deployment plan for the new rollout of Summit switches is to have a policy setup to set port vlans based on 1.x and/or mac addresses.

I have a existing enterasys policy domain for my elementary buildings, and I have realized that keeping vlans consistent within devices has been a weak spot.

I am planning to establish a gvrp setup. With all the changes to NetSight, and the obvious migration to oneview, I am researching the best way to create my vlan database.

I could enter the vlans one-by-one in oneview, or policy manager, or console.... and hope that they all work off the same global db.

I haven't seen any way to import vlan definitions via csv in any of the management tools I have seen so far.

Another idea would be to define the vlans on a switch via script, then import the vlans to netsight/oneview from that switch. For the large number of vlans, this seems like the easiest path.

Has anyone been through this with the new netsight (6.3) XOS (16.1) environment? Is there a preferred place to build the vlans and what is the easiest way to bulk create them?


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