VLAN separation with common access to one vlan

our customer has 18 tenants in a building which share a common it infrastructure. Each tenant should be able to access the common resource telephone system and internet. The tenant networks should be separated.
What I did:
a vlan for each tenant with an ip address as a tenant gateway
ipforwarding for all vlans
Is there a possibility to separate the tenant networks, without for each tenant a traffik deny for all other tenants to place?
Switch: X460 G2, FW:
Software: NetSight
Thanks in advance
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Juergen Graefe

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configure private-vlan name add networkv lan_name

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Or use the ACL with ICMP redirect to force the Stream to (for example) a firewall.

Don't forget to implement the return of the Stream !
Thanks pascal for your replay.
I have private vlan "inet" configured
create private-vlan InetPriv
configure private-vlan InetPriv add networkv "Inet"
If I then try to add a tenant vlan as "non-isolated"
configure private-vlan InetPriv add subscriber "ForIB" non-isolated
I get the error "Subscriber VLAN can not have ip address Configured"
This IP address I need, but nevertheless the routing for this tenant works?
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Is it what you are looking for ?

I have solved the problem by having ipforwarding enabled for all vlans and
for each tenant I has created an access list with a mutual exclusion.
Thanks for replay
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This it what I used ... ACLs are very easy with Extreme Networks 🙂

It's not the case with Cisco ...

Anyway your problem was solved : Great !