VSS on Extreme BlackDiamond 8800 Series

Now I have 2 of BD-8800-Series using in my Core-Network. And I need to bring 2 chassis into 1 virtual switch for manage only one switch (Like VSS on Cisco).

I read from another article I have to use MLAG with VRRP together right?

Anyone have a solution for BD-8800-Series to using virtual switch stacking?

And NetSight can do this?

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MLAG will allow you to have "port-channel, LAG etc.. " across multiple chassis without having them "bonded". I am not familiar with the BD, but MLAG and VRRP might accomplish something similar, but you will be managing two chassis and a more complex config IMO.
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Hi Piyapong,

Stacking is supported only in the Summit series switches not in BlackDiamond series switches but still you would be able to Achieve MLAG

here is the Knowledge article on the single tier MLAG.

Here is another article which have the steps to create VRRP active - active in a MLAG setup.


Configuring MLAG would only make the two different switch ports to act as a single switches port and the switch management remains separate.
Thank you.

I saw Extreme have ESRP. What's different about ESRP and VRRP. And can I try ESRP instead VRRP ?

And if anyone have an idea for single switch management, please advise to me.
My advice is to use VRRP. Its standards based and you’re going to find a lot more info on VRRP than ESRP. From all the research I have done, VRRP would be the way to go, unless you need L2 redundancy.
Thank you.
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I'll go for MLAG and VRRP as well. Jeremy correctly stated that you'll still have to manage 2 separate Control Plane (config). 2 configs is obviously more than 1, but that's also more security. And, if correctly planned, both config should be very similar. Adding a new edge device into MLAG is just one line of config for MLAG, so not really a serious issue.