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We need a script to backup configuration of switch B5G124 FROM Inventory Manager using SCP protocol

We need a script to backup configuration of switch B5G124 FROM Inventory Manager using SCP protocol.

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It looks like you don't need a script for this. In Inventory Manager just right click on the device and select file transfer method. Select SCP.
Hi Stephen,

Thanks for answer,

I selected SCP like transfer method, but it no works

but Inventory Manager shows me the following message

i have the following configuration on " IMAGES INFORMATION" tab

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scp...on this position is wrong...because it describes the method of moving config from switch to netsight-server / inventory-manager.
When your Netsight-Sever is running on linux you need to create a cron-job using root-rights.
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In Netsight open the web help and search for "How to Set Up Third-Party Device Support".
There you'd find a description how to add a custom device definition file = script.

I've tried it myself but the new file wasn't visible in the pull down menu to select - not sure what I'm doing wrong - I've restarted Netsight & the client.

The part in the file for the config backup looks like below but as I've mentioned I wasn't able to test it so I'm not sure whether it's correct..

-----BEGIN SCRIPT "Configuration Upload"-----
delete configs/jcn3p.cfg
show config outfile configs/jcn3p.cfg
@receive 20
copy configs/jcn3p.cfg scp://%SCP_USER%:%SCP_PSWD%@%SCP_IP%/%TARGET_FILE_NAME%
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i had the same problem some times ago.

Working solution you can find below.
I've changed scp user and pass to scp. You should create scp user on netsight server.


-- Use these scripts to manage Enterasys devices
name="B5 SCP Enterasys Networks"
desc="B5 SCP Enterasys Networks SSH/TFTP Scripts"
-----BEGIN PRE-SCRIPT "Configuration Upload"-----
-- create /home/scp/b5-config.cfg
-- create absoluteFilePath2
-----END PRE-SCRIPT-----

-----BEGIN SCRIPT "Configuration Upload"-----
delete configs/config-b5.cfg
show config outfile configs/config-b5.cfg
copy configs/config-b5.cfg scp://%SCP_USER%:%SCP_PSWD%@%SCP_IP%/%RELATIVE_TARGET_FILE_PATH%
-----END SCRIPT-----