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Welcome Erik Auerswald as The Hub's newest Champion!

  • 11 August 2016
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Since joining The Hub four short months ago, Erik Auerswald has proven himself to be a valuable member of the Extreme Networks Community. It is important to recognize him and his contributions.

How was this decision made?
Erik has consistently outdone himself by helping others in the community. Whether answering questions or providing advice, the high-quality and enthusiasm of his participation has no doubt proven that he is a valuable Extreme Networks advocate and member on The Hub.

What does it mean?
It indicates to others that our Champions are trusted community members and have consistently been helpful to others. The support team here at Extreme Networks has noticed! Champions also enjoy a blue border around their avatar and a trophy icon next to their username.

How to become a Champion?
We're developing a more formal champions program that I hope to announce in the coming weeks. But, the basic premises are simple:
  • Frequently goes beyond simply giving an answer by explaining why that's the answer
  • Makes their presence known and participates often
  • Brand advocate for all things Extreme Networks
We're already watching several other individuals who exhibit these qualities, so keep an eye out for them in the community. I expect to have more on our Champions program soon.

Thanks Erik!


8 replies

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Thanks for your trust in Extreme Networks and your purple passion Erik.

You've been absolutely brilliant since joining the Hub.

Really appreciate all that you do for the Hub Community on a daily basis.
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Congrats Erik! Definitely well-deserved!
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Congratulations Erik, well deserved. Thank you for helping to make The Hub a quality online community.

Congratulations Erik! Keep up the great work!
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Thanks, I really appreciate this! 🙂
Erik, I fully agree with Ryan. well deserved and thank you so much for your great work.
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Keep up the good work.

Great job Erik! Well deserved for you and all of FGN! Congrats!