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What default login/password on NetSight?

  • 24 June 2014
  • 4 replies

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Hello, colleagues!

Give me please some help: can't login to NetSight Console.
What default login/password?

Thank you!

4 replies

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per default Netsight uses the operating system accounts
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Thank you for the answer!

My OS account is USER without password.
When I try to login without password, I have "No password specified. Please specifya password"

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Hi AlexandrP,

Just stumbled across this, so appreciate you posted a while ago and probably sorted this.

Netsight initially uses the account you are currently logged into your operating system with (as already mentioned) as the account to log into after an install. You must use an account that has a password set otherwise you will get this message - I know as I've done it myself:)

Set a password on your account and reinstall Netsight, then you should be able to login.

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Thank you!