What does "In Transition" mean in the Time Since Change column

  • 24 September 2020
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I have a flewview of Bridge Spanning Tree Information which in the column of Time Since Change shows me the legend "In Transition", do any of you know why that is?


Best answer by Zdenek Pala 24 September 2020, 23:40

In transition means = just happening now.

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In transition means = just happening now.

Thank you.

I think I did not specify well, so that means that the switch core is constantly changing topology. Since I had intermittencies in the network and that was what I observed differently.

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I guess some port of your switch is receiving topology change notification. or the switch itself finds the reason for a topology change.


check the spanning tree settings in your network (timers)

Check what versions of the spanning tree are you using. I suggest using MSTP

check port errors on your ports = if you lose too many BPDUs then topology change happens.

Check the edge of your network, if the port is flapping and you do not have “edge-port” configured then it can cause the spantree reconfiguration also.