When using the SNMP default value in Netsight (from 6.3) : what are the CLI for XOS ?

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CLI XOS to configure the default snmp access for Netsight I would like to add new switches ( X460, X440 ...) with XOS 16.X from the Netsight Console. But it's not so easy to do compare from the legacy Riegeline with snmpv3 ! What are the procedure to do this job quickly ? Thanks

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The default SNMPv3 credentials within EXOS are not included in the NetSight profiles. You can create them based on the current switch credentials, or use the following article to create a the user and group on the EXOS switch.


The default credentials on the switch are listed in the following article:

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Configure the SNMPv3 commands below in an EXOS switch and add this switch using 'snmp_v3_profile' in NetSight.

# configure snmpv3 add user snmpuser authentication md5 snmpauthcred privacy des snmpprivcred
# configure snmpv3 add group snmpgroup user snmpuser sec-model usm
# configure snmpv3 add access snmpgroup sec-level priv read-view defaultAdminView write-view defaultAdminView notify-view defaultNotifyView