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When will new EMC software be released?

Currently using Netsight/EMC and realizing issues in viewing vlan information on several switch versions. Was told this version is pre production and it is missing some fixes. Instead of rebuilding the VM with 8.0 code I was wondering if we should wait for new code release if it is close by.
thnks in advance

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Hi Walt,

the current plan is to have the EA2 release for 8.1 ready by end of next week. Not sure though whether this will fix your issue.

Case Number: 01403504 if you'd care to look. The issue I see is that with previous 8.0 (skipped the 8.0.5) and code in combination with various code releases for the G460's , vlans will not be displayed on the device edit/vlan definition screen. In some cases I can refresh the device or delete the device and add it back in and that fixes it. but not all the time. Other cases the vlans show but not on the uplinks (that are working) . The enforce preview ports screen does not show any current vlans on the uplink. So when you go to make a port vlan change to a user port since the vlans do not appear the action then deletes all the vlans on that uplink. At this point all port changes are being performed via cli. The Netsight suite is runnng on a VM. I guess we'll wait for the new release
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looking at the case it seems your best bet for now is to wait for the EA2 release and give that a try. If that still gives you problems, I'd suggest to open a new case.