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Where can i check which EXOS version support which kind of SNMP traps ?

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Again and again i am looking to find out which kind of traps a EXOS Switch can send (out-of-the-box). (i knew already that there is a way to build your own traps based on every interesting log entry!)

On EOS i have a look into current Release Notes and i can read a list of supported Traps,

i have been looking for the same thing on EXOS ?! Where can i check which SNMP Traps a EXOS Switch can send. (No information in manual, release notes, KB, etc).

Does anyone have an idea ?


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Hi Matthias,

For the standard MIB support there is a section in the manual that also include the traps.

For the Extreme Networks Proprietary MIBs there is another section.

If you download the PDF for the ExtremeXOS 21.1 User Guide, all lists start at page 1531.
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Hi Ron,

i know that list of supported MIBs.

But before i am not able to identify which information can be provided via trap - i thought that is only snmp query related.

Based on your advice i see that i have to look and search these (complete) section to get a list of supported traps. (This is a little bit extensive but helps).

Thanks that will help me very much.

But generally why isn't there a prepared list (of all traps) like at EOS do in the Release notes ??
Is there a change that this will be adapt (EOS / EXOS) in the near future ?

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Hi Matthias,

It has been decided long time ago, to list the the individual MIB sections as one and to include the SNMP entries and SNMP Traps in the same section.
Both approaches has its pros and cons.

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i have send that request to our documentation team,
lets see if we can make some optimization to find the SNMP context faster,
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I manage the documentation team - I have just read this request and will see what we can do to respond to the need. In an ideal world, if the information is already IN our documentation, we should be able to provide it to you as a separate document. Stay tuned...


I'm the EXOS writer. I have added a link to the rel notes to point users to the applicable section of the User Guide.