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Why is my Report 'Top devices by IP traffic" showing zeroes? There is traffic ....

  • 21 May 2019
  • 5 replies

5 replies

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Hi Sacha,

Just to make sure: did you enable statistics collection on your managed devices and their interfaces? What devices are you managing?

Kind regards,
Hi, thanks for your feedback.
I did enter syslog server, and snmp V3.
The switches I have troubles with are Extreme networks ERS 4950.
How do I enable statistics collection on these switches?

Thanks in advance.

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To enable statistics collection for a device:
In your left panel of XMC select Network, then go to Devices tab. Right-click on your devices (before that you can do multiple selection with CTRL and/or SHIFT buttons), hover on "Device" and select "Collect Device Statistics". You can select Monitor or Historical mode, depending on your requirements.
To enable statistics collection for interfaces:
In Network->Devices right-click on your device, go to View->Interfaces. In new tab you should see interfaces and be able to right-click on one or more of them and enable statistics collection right away. Two modes are available as well.
More in the manual: https://emc.extremenetworks.com/content/oneview/docs/l_ov_get_start.htm?Highlight=enable%20statistics%20collection#enable_data_collection

Hope that helps,
Hi, thanks for the info.
I did now configure the collect device stats and the port stats, but at this moment it is still showing me zeroes.
Maybe I have to wait a period ?
Thanks again.
Hi, after more than 5 days, there is still no traffic monitored under the option. 'Top devices by IP traffic'.
What did I forgot to monitor?
  • I did configure collect device stats
  • I did select the interfaces to enable stats collection