Will we be able to use Netsight 6.x licenses with upcoming 7.x version?

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Current 7.x early access version of Netsight says our 6.x license is not valid for this version. Is this about early access or we will need to get new licenses for 7.x?


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Release Notes Page#1

Older licensing keys (starting with INCREMENT) are no longer supported as ofNetSight 5.0 and later. If you have one of these keys, please contact Extreme Networks Support for license upgrade information.

Could it be that the this was a V5 before the upgrade to V6.
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No, our licence key is the newer one and we bought it last year with 6.x version. This is why I ask.
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If you have valid service contract then you will be able to get new license key. usually it is done through the extranet portal
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So, to be clear, 7.x (Now called Extreme Control Center) will need to have a key generated after april of 2016. So, this can be an evaluation key if being evaluated.
If it's currently under contract, then you can get your key regenerated by following the below process.


Let us know if there are any questions.