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Wireless Controllers vs Inventory Mgr

It's been annoying me for some time that I can't find a way to get inventory manager to backup the WiFi controllers. Built new Netsight Host today on v5 in the hope that would fix it, but no. Also complains that no CLI credentials have been set, then fails & leaves a "Config File is empty" Any idea.s

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This is doable. I had challenges setting it up initially as well. I will have top go back to my notes and configuration to be able to tell you how to do it. Success revolves around using SCP, proper configuration of the controllers, the accounts used, validating those accounts have permission to write a temp file to the user dircetory and configuring NetSight to use SCP for the controiler backup and proper permission here as well. It will probably be a week or two before I will have the time to document the details, but will post when done. Is your NetSight environment Ubuntu or Windows?
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This can be done in a few clicks now. Basically you're going to go to Inventory Manager options and set the NetSight server credentials for SCP. Then make sure the wireless controller File Transfer Method is set for SCP (This should be a default). After that it should all just work properly.

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Old topic but just to add:

if NetSight is running under a different user than root (e.g. netsight) than the Root Directory path and user has to be changed:

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