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Wireless Manager AP templates becoming unsynchronized

I've just started using Wireless Manager to push out configs to my APs, and I've noticed that the AP templates are becoming unsynchronized. They report the following, even though nothing has changed (confirmed on the EWC):

Change Summary: Common template attributes changed. Balanced Channel List Power changed from 'false' to 'true'; Radio 1 Guard Interval changed from 'Short' to 'Long'; Radio 2 Guard Interval changed from 'Short' to 'Long'

Also, how do I push a template to the AP Default Settings? If I select a controller to enforce to it says it can't because it's a model-specific template.

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Hello James,

I wanted to see if we could gather further details about your problem. Could you please provide the netsight/wireless manager and controller versions? I assume you have reviewed the "GUI" log in the logs tabs on the controller to verify no one else is making these changes? This log will include all configuration changes.
Regarding the "AP default settings", you'll have to create a template for each model due to the hardware and feature differences.

Thank you,

Bill McIver Global Technical Assistance Center
Extreme Networks