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WLAN disable/enable script in NetSight 7

We have a goal of Enabling / Disabling a SSID based on a schedule. We want to use NetSight 7 with the new built in Wireless: WLAN disable/enable schedule script. Am I doing this right?

In the script. I edited the original script.
In the Overview tab I changed status to Enable. I then entered DIS-open as my SSID.
I did Save As and named it "DIS-open enable".

for the second script,
In the Overview tab I changed status to Disable. I then entered DIS-open as my SSID.
I did Save As and named it "DIS-open disable".

I click the enable script and click Run Script at the top.
1. Device Selection. I move the switches at DIS to the right as this is the only place DIS-open is available.
2. Device Settings. Needed options are already set.
3. Run-Time Settings. Under Task Information I choose Save as a task, I'll run later. Name this task DIS-open enable 6am-6pm
4. Verify. All looks fine.

Go to Script Tasks
Click the Schedule Tab
Fill in Recurrence, Weekly, M-F, 6am
Fill in date and time, until August 2030, 6am 6pm
Fill in email info

Then repeat the Disable task

Is this all? Did I miss something?

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That looks correct to me .
Before you schedule the task you can try and test is as is - like "run now" and see everything is working as expected . Then Create one task per each action (task Enable and task Disable) , then schedule the task as needed.
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Rhaviland, you mentioned switches? or do you mean the wireless controller ?
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The mentioned view is for the device selection and lists all of them ... but you are right that this special script makes only sense for a WLAN Controller......