XMC - can't save archive changes

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Hi, I'm running XMC and I've tried to change the schedule for my backup e.g. from 8pm to 9pm the next day but the save button is greyed out and I can't save the change.

Could someone try that with that version and let me know if that is a general issue.


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I am on version
in that version it is working.

no update on friday 😉
can tell you next week, but someone else sure can also test it
I am on, same Problem on my site. You can activate the save button if you uncheck and check a switch on the General tap after that the schedule Change is also saved.

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Thanks guys !!!

I've reported the issue - ticket# 01739514

BR, Ron
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We expect a fix in the 8.2 track for this. In the meantime the button may be activated as noted by unchecking then checking a switch on the General tab.