XMC gui stops responding

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XMC stops responding. For the last three days I have been experiencing this issue where upon arrival to work, I was not able to launch the XMC via the edge browser. I have been using edge since Netsight was originally deployed two years ago. Upon restart of the Netsight VM access was restored. A short while ago 11:30 ish today I was logged into the XMC and it just dumped me out and the interface was and still is no longer available to me. Has anyone been experiencing something similar? I am checking here first and will need to elevate to GTAC if nothing heard here very soon. Thank you for your assistance.

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In my environment the is stable. do you have anything useful in the server.log?
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Not that I have noticed. I am pretty much using the JAVA apps to get what I can done, but cannot get into the XMC without restarting the VM.
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I also wanted to mention that I can log into the Netsight console while in this current state, without issue.